DēMO Originals

by Denise Migliaccio

Hand painted glass and original art

Painted Glass Art

Welcome to

a place for my art

My creations reflect a passion for unique style and free flowing, expressive art. About being lost in the moment of creating and doing something you love. Shaping new ways to express myself with art is where I enjoy being.

Take a look. Maybe you would like a demo original for your own space or to give as a gift.

Happy art surfing…

Art for Sale

Hand Painted Glass

Repurposed glass
painted with colorful designs.

Original Paintings

Acrylic on Canvas.

Composite Art

Digitally created using my own photos and samplings of my original art.

Doodle Art

Check out a variety of fun products and gifts using my quirky and cute doodles here on my RedBubble store.

“Everything has its beauty,
  but not everyone sees it.”

-Andy Warhol

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